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Classical Music Can Make You More Psychic

Classical music is a 1,600 old genre ubiquitous in the Western world. From television and movie scores to symphonies, even people who think they don’t like classical music like some form of it, or some music inspired by it. For example, you’ve probably hear Pachelbel’s Canon in D, if not the actual composition, but in

Gratitude is a Powerful Force: Are You Truly Grateful?

Gratitude is a big component of the law of attraction and of emotional alchemy, particularly for those who are looking to gain something material or tangible. However, gratitude is easier said than done. I, like many other Americans, will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. It’s traditional to discuss or say what you’re thankful for. Most of

Gifts for Psychics: Ranked by a Psychic, Part I

Usually, I wouldn’t post something like this, but I strongly feel that people will still keep asking me what to give psychically gifted people in their lives. Thus, I will answer, based on experience, what I think of 5 common gifts people want to give psychics and whether I think they’re a good idea. Granted, these opinions

My Psychic App Lets You Get Real Answers from Real Psychics!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of My Psychic Reading, my psychic app for iPhone, proving that even Cedric Grant Bouchard can join the 21st century. It used to be that only the privileged and wealthy could get an audience with the best psychics whenever they wanted. Now, you can reach out to the world’s best

Ouija Boards: Why This Psychic Says “Never Again!”

Ouija Boards? Halloween and All Soul’s Day, and the Day of the Dead of all come to pass. These are usually the days that people are most interested and contacting spirits. They made do it for the thrill. They may do it because they sincerely want to reach someone on the other side. Of course,

What’s a Poltergeist? A Few Ideas

Poltergeist! Help! What exactly is a poltergeist? Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost.” They’re known to throw things, make noises, and even hurt people. They destroy property and cause fear. These beings also tend to exist where there are children, causing terror and strife in our young ones. Poltergeists, however, may not be the troublesome

Cedric’s Top Three Mysterious Tarot Cards

The tarot is composed of 78 cards, 22 of the major arcana and 56 of the minor arcana. Each card has rich imagery symbolizing an aspect of the human experience. Truly, they’re all mysterious in their own way, but some are more mysterious than others. I have chosen my top three mysterious tarot cards not because