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Negativity: Is It Really that Bad?

Worried about negativity? Don’t be. Negativity is natural. The universe is a balanced place, and nothing is ever perfect for one person, and that’s perfectly fine. What is negative for one person is negative for another. Someone loses $5, and someone else finds that $5. Things come around and go around. This is the nature

The Nightmare: A Blessing in Disguise?

I had the strangest nightmare the other day. Cedric had a nightmare recently. I dreamed that I was running late for the SAT, and I missed it. I woke up and spent about five minutes laying in bed, trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my future now that I missed the most important

Reincarnation: All About Your Past Lives

Reincarnation IS Real. Reincarnation is a real thing. Clients continue to ask me about their past lives, particularly if I know what they are. Sometimes, I can pick up on a person’s past life, but usually I don’t. After all, my psychic practice is generally focused on the life one is living right now, not

Past Life Memories….Or Just Nostalgia? Three Ways to Tell the Difference

Ever lived a past life? Does it come back to you in memories? Perhaps you have flashes of your former life. Pictures, sounds, even smells may come to you and whisk you away to another time. You feel at home in the memory, as you really lived it. Past life…of your own? What’s nostalgia, anyway?

Predictions for 2018 for Each Sign, Part II

Here are the rest of my predictions for 2018 (if you’re looking for Aries through Virgo, you can find them in Part I here): Predictions for 2018 for each sign: Libra: You may have felt that your fate laid in giving others what they wanted and allowing others to do their own thing. However, as the