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Synchronicity: What is It, and How Can It Work for Me?

Psychics, magick workers, and light workers experience and try to create synchronicity. Ever had deja vu? If so, you have experienced something like synchronicity. Synchronicity is an event in which what one experiences internally manifests externally. It’s not like deja vu in that it’s a look into the future, but rather a manifestation of the

Psychic Vampires: What They Are and What to Do

“Psychic vampire” is a term too often thrown around to describe a person someone doesn’t like. Unfortunately, it’s used to label depressed and anxious people who genuinely need help. It’s used by people who don’t want to sound self-absorbed and weak-minded when what they’re actually trying to say is that they’re not strong enough to

Is It Ghosts or the Wind?: How to Recognize Ghostly Visits

Medium often see or hear ghosts, don’t many people encounter ghosts on a regular basis. The difference is that regular people can’t really communicate with the ghosts, nor do they necessarily understand what they’re experiencing when they encounter one. Most people have actually encountered a ghost at one time or another. They may not have

Halloween: Is It Really the Night of the Dead?

Halloween: what is it? Is it trick-or-treating, costumes, pumpkin spice flavored everything? Perhaps it’s monsters, ghouls, goblins, witches, and ghosts? Halloween occupies a special place in American culture and in the American psyche. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Halloween in America it’s how we associated both with the supernatural in with things to

Moon Phases and Psychic Abilities

The moon represents instinct, emotions, and psychic abilities in astrology. Where it was when you were born by sign and house, and the aspects it makes to other planets, can show how psychic you are, and which gifts you have. However, no one’s psychic ability is strong all the time. Often, psychic ability waxes and

Your Mood Doesn’t Affect Your Psychic Reading…Much.

In a bad mood? If you’re worried about being negative during your reading, please don’t be. Western culture puts a lot of emphasis on happiness, good vibes, and “being positive,” to the point where so-called spiritual individuals actively discourage others to be grown adults and deal with it, as if everyone is a wilting flower.

Spirits of the Dead Are Still Here: Three Ways to Know

Spirits leave the bodies of the dead, but they don’t always leave Earth or this plane of existence. #1: Spirits make noises (but which noises)? Spirits make noises, but they’re rarely loud or obnoxious. In fact, you’ve probably heard them and mistaken them for something else. Perhaps you heard a whisper and attributed it to

Why Soul Mates Sometimes Leave (Even Though You Love Them)

Oh, soul mates! You meet, and you think it’s destiny. It certainly feels like fate, doesn’t it? It may very well be fate. Perhaps they came at the very right time. Were you lonely? Did you need a special friend? Was it simply by chance? Perhaps you met in early childhood. Perhaps you met when