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Curses Are Real, But They’re Not What You Think

Curses are real. Curses are as old as civilization. However, they’re really not older than civilization, since most of the mechanism of a curse relies on people living together in groups. You may read about agrarian villages where people believe that a witch cursed their cattle or crops, and that the only way to lift

Full Moon in Pisces: It’s a Psychic Month

The Full Moon in Pisces is a time for emotions…but it’s not what you think. Pisces Full Moon is certainly about emotions, in a sense. Most astrologers will tell you that this full moon is all about emotions, feelings, and being sensitive. That’s only part of it. Pisces is the sign of dissolution, where things

Salem Witch Trials: Persecution of the Psychically Sensitive

The Salem Witch Trials Wasn’t About Witches. That’s right: the Salem Witch Trials wasn’t about saving the good Puritans from the influence of witchcraft. It was about persecuting women in general and people who didn’t fit in. The victims were people who didn’t fit in for some reason, or people who stuck out and didn’t

Clairolfaction: Psychic Smells

Clairolfaction is the ability to smell what is not there. Clairolfaction is one of the psychic senses. For example, you may have had the sensation of walking into a room and smelling something that isn’t there. It likely reminds you of someone who has passed. For example, you may smell cigar or pipe smoke, and

Love at First Sight: Do You Just Know?

Love at first sight is real. Lately, I’m being asked if it’s possible to have met one’s soul mate or to just know when you’ve met the love of your life. While most cynics may tell you otherwise, I believe love at first sight is absolutely possible. For example, I knew my wife was the one when